Back to Prague or stay in Dubai???

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Today it’s been almost 5 months since Dubai became my new home. But also and the most importantly it is a day when I should have sit at school again. It’s a first day of new semester at my school in Prague. My previous plan was clear – go to Dubai for one semester and a second one be already back and continue my school. I thought a half year would be enough to enjoy this beautiful city, try something new, meet new people, prove that Arabs are not bad and also practice my English a little bit more. Everyone told me I would love it here too much and wanted to stay here for a whole life, although I didn’t believe them. I thought I would be stronger and would come back home after a 6 months. I know, it’s not 6 months yet, but now I know it won’t be different in 1 month. Time flies very fast here, I remember when we just moved in and now it’s 5 months later and we have a nice place to live, residence visa, job and set up lots of other goals for next months.


Yes, this luxury city overpowered us. It’s stronger than us. And finally after dealing with all problems and all arrangements with our job, visa, apartment, we have settled down and have free time for city exploring which is great. I love our weekends. We usually have lots of fun and enjoy a beach or sightseeing at not so famous places in Dubai. I still have a lot at my bucket list. On the other hand my weeks are very calm, maybe too much, I am still in a job during working days, trying to do my best and too tiered in the evening. However to sum up It would be silly left it all here and come back to Prague now.


I can’t even say how hard it is leaving my home here and then in Prague all the time. I’ve been to Prague twice yet and it was so mentally difficult for me. You just say hello to your family, friends and places you know very well and get used to your old life and suddenly it is time to say goodbye again. :( I didn’t even enjoy that days in Prague, it was so short and frustrating. First day I wanted to cry because I wanted to be in Dubai not in Prague and the last day in Prague I was crying, I just didn’t know where I want to be. I didn’t want to come back to Dubai. I was crying also at the airport and I was angry and didn’t know what I really want. The same, first day in Dubai, it was sooo sooo emotional for me. Why I can’t be at two places at one time??!! I miss lots of things here but when it’s winter weekend and I can do things I would never be able to do in Prague or when I meet all services and comfort I just can’t get back home to the CR.


Another important point for me is that I would have to get back home alone and then live there alone. My bf wants to stay here for sure now but I am also not sure if I want to come back, so that’s fine now. We’ve been living together for 3 years and we have never been separated from each other longer than 2 weeks. Sometimes I am trying to imagine how it would be being so far from each other but then I stop myself because it’s non sense imagining something what might never happen and makes me pain.


I just love Dubai, I like a high-end luxury places and a weather, I also met so many nice people here and made some new best friends. It is so different from the CR. Even though I hate something and I can easily get angry and feel frustrated here, it will be always my second home, which I don’t want to leave for now. Of course I’m still planning to get back to Prague one day and continue with all stuff I did before, but for now it is postponed till the next semester. Hopefully local summer persuade me to come back to a country where is normal livable temperature. :))




Have a nice evening!


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