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…yes again I am 1 year older. In my opinion we should celebrate the day before birthday, because it is the last happy day when you are still young (or at least younger than you will be tomorrow :) ).

Anyway I had a wonderful both these 2 days. My first birthday in Dubai and surprisingly also my first one in Sri Lanka. Wuhuuu!


First celebration already began at work 4th May with my Dubai family. When I came in, first thing I saw was my table with lots of birthday hats,  balloons and other stuff.  I am very happy I have friends like them in Dubai!! ♣ Thank you so much for everything my loves! I was almost crying when they sang me Happy Birthday song. ;(



In the evening since our flight to Sri Lanka was scheduled to the night 4th May, we, me and my bf, celebrated that very quickly in the evening that day. I had only 2 hours to take a shower and pack all my stuff then we had to go to the airport. So it was a surprise for me when I came out from the bathroom and a dinner with candles and pink balloons were waiting for me. Uuuh so romantic :)



♥♥♥ I was treated really well. ♥♥♥


But that wasn’t enough, this year I was spoiled twice. My birthday is on 5th May, that’s the day we were already in Sri Lanka. Even though I slept at the airport, it was a wonderful day. We started in Colombo and then spend a few hours on a train, where I could see a lot of the Sri Lankan nature.

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View from the train


We had a delicious dinner at the beach with a live crabs just next to our table. I have never seen such a beautiful place before. We had a spectacular view of the ocean and stars behind palms above our heads. I had a seafood salad with prawns, cuttlefish and tuna, soooo good! And what’s more a glass of good white wine. :) (That’s something I get unused to, while living in Dubai.)




More about the trip to Sri Lanka here!!!

It was just the best birthday ever. Hope I would be able to pay my bf back next week, because it’s his birthday!!! :)


Have a great day all.

with Love


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