Birthday wake up at the airport

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I had never thought I would had ever woken up at the airport on my Birthday, but the impossible came true and I really spent a few hours of sleep at the airport in Colombo. :)

We left Dubai in the night and landed at around 4am (Dubai time) in Colombo and what you can do at 5,30am at a small airport? We slept on a plane a few hours, but if someone like me is used to sleep at least 9 hours a day, few hours are not enough. So we lay down on a bench at the airport and tried to sleep a little bit longer.

According to recommendation we found on the internet, it’s better to sleep at the part of airport before you pass passport control. It is safer and not so crowded. And I have to agree. Even though it’s just a small airport, we found many free benches in a hallway.

At first I was worried but finally tiredness force me to lie down. But even though I was all covered by a blanket and had earplugs, I couldn’t fall asleep.

Once my bf woke up ( yes boys can sleep anywhere, anytime anyhow :) ), we kicked off a new adventure in wonderful paradise called Sri Lanka! :)

Read more about our adventure here!



With Love


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