Departure to our Dubai dream

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Finally we are here – in the middle of Dubai! Ok not in the middle but in Deira but still, it´s Dubai, our dreams came true. Now I want to sum up my last week.


First of all I had to quit my job. Saying goodbye was very hard and emotional. My colleagues gave me very useful Arabic Czech dictionary with pictures. Although the pictures are nice and the dictionary contains almost every word or phrase, It is impossible to learn Arabic  for me. Oh my God, it’s so hard! There aren’t any similarities with any other languages I know. And I’m not even talking about the writing. Well I took the dictionary with me and I think it could be useful here. Thank you so much again and not only for the dictionary! :)

Arabic Czech picture dictionary

Our departure was quite chaotic, the task was to leave our apartments and pack our bags. It doesn’t sound as horrible as it was. We had 2 days to leave our apartment which we used to use for short rentals on airbnb. All the things there I had to sell or move to our apartment. So our home became a mess, not only our stuff but also a stuff from the other apartment. But we nailed it! After 3 days we packed our apartment too and prepare it for forwarding to a friend´s sister who is living in now. She will stay there during the period we will live here in Dubai.

IMG_20150915_093620 (1)
My apartment before moving

It was Thursday when we went to the airport and towards new experience. That time we left our current life behind. I had cried all last night long, but when we were leaving I had not time to think about it.  Many things to manage caused that we hurry up to the airport and don’t have enough time to say goodbye to our home or even regret.

Burj Khalifa almost whole

When we turned Prague airport we realized, our bags were to heavy. We have 2 large suitcases, 2 cabin suitcases and 2 bags.I wanted to “smuggle” 2 bottle of alcohol, 1 champagne and 1 wine that we bought in Lisbon. I had to throw both bottles away, just like water, to sad for me. :( Finally I threw to trash more of my stuff. Final overweight was “only” 9 kilos.

On the board with Mr. Incognito

But the flight was strange because of more coincidences. I want to point out a lady sitting next to me at the plane. She was czech older lady traveling with connecting flight to Colombo with one stop in Dubai. She was amazing, all the time disturbing us with her questions: why the TV doesn´t work, What time is it and what time is in Dubai, How can I open it, Can you help me with…. I understand that she was annoyed. 6 hours flight is 6 hours. She didn’t take any newspaper as I would expect. The point is that she was going to visit her boyfriend to Colombo alone, but the last time she flew was when she was young. She was a bit confused, even don´t know what time the connecting plane was due to take off. I still have worries if she made it. I could also mention a story with her false teeth which dropped out from her mouth while she was eating and many other stories. But I admire her for her courage to fly almost around the world alone.

Duty free shopping bag

First thing we bought in our new town was obviously alcohol in Duty Free Shop. It wasn’t so expensive so we bought a bottle of vodka and Corrona beers. We really had to instead of bottles thrown away at Prague airport. So we are ready for hard moments that could come.

Walking outside in 42°C in mid of Septeber

Have a nice day! :)

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