Stereotypes – Being blond and naked in a Muslim country

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I persuade myself to write another article finally.

Is time running faster here?

We’ve been here for more than 2 weeks yet, but it seems to me like at least month. Everyone tells me that the time runs very fast here, but I don’t think so now. Maybe it’s because of hot weather, having nothing to do and trying to find a suitable job all the time. But it’s true that the working hours are longer here than in the Czech Republic and there are less free days, that’s the reason, why the time is running faster in UAE.

Hot weather in Dubai is not hot weather in Prague

I am going by metro to my maybe future job right now. It’s one hour of journey from Tecom where we live. Therefore I have time to write something. Today it’s hot as always, but the worst thing is high humidity. You sweat before you sweat really. Dry hot weather is better, 34 °C in the evening here is more acceptable than in Prague.Hopefully I will handle it today with dry dress. 😀

How to get dressed?

Yes, I am wearing short dress without sleeves, in which I have to force 2 meetings today. I chose this dress because there is unbearable wet and hot weather here. I was a bit afraid of wearing clothes as shorts and skirt, which is normal for us from Europe in this weather. It seemed to me like doing something bad, but you can see many Europeans wearing short dresses or skirts. Nowadays Dubai is very cosmopolitan city, nobody tells you anything. It’s true, that the nearer to old town you are the longer skirt is better to wear. The same for covering shoulders, you can use your scarf.

with the highest Burj Khalifa

Why to take a scarf with you?

Wearing scarf has also pros, you can cover your shoulders and neck in Air-conditioned places, otherwise you get sick. There is AC almost in every public interiors, some of the ACs are blowing very strongly. They want to keep temperature about 20 °C inside, somewhere like in the shopping malls even less. It means, that when it is about 50 °C in summer, our body has to force extremely high temperature differences and our body is not used to it. I can only recommend taking scarf with you everywhere, because you never know what temperature will be there.

Blondes vs Brunettes

Another point which destroys stereotypes – I am not the only blonde girl here. Of course, most of the women are brunette but I’ve seen many blondes. I don’t feel treating with me worse because of my hair. Anyway I might turn to brunette soon, cause I haven’t dared to go to hairdresser yet. 😀

Blondes chatter

Wow, everytime, when I am writing an article, I wrote a nice header and then I’m talking about anything else. Why? I should make an outline next time. This one was supposed to be named „Day off“ and  was supposed to be about my afternoon at the beach.

Ok anyway I am here – Al Rigga station. Time to say goodbye for now. But stay in touch, I am enlosing another pics…

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…and after a hard day – swimmingpool chill
I love Dubai Food Delivery – fast, yuammy and everywhere and their healthy fresh juices (everything home made :D)

Have a nice day! :-)


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