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I have plenty of time to think these days. It’s been more than 3 weeks of my ‘holiday’.  I mean ‚holiday‘ like not having any job right now. I spent all the time here browsing job adverts pages, meeting people, emailing to any offer and finally writing articles and exploring the city what I love the most. :) I never thought till now that I would start to work out at the gym so much as I do now. The Gym was always my nightmare, but as I realized there are not many other options how to keep fit therefore I had to change my mind. And I have the best but strict private trainer! I can even cry but he never stops repeating excersises and making it harder and harder. :)

Work out with TRX which came from Prague with us
Running – the most boring part
Just sitting, relaxing and waiting for next round
View from our Gym

As I wrote above I have much time to think and make plans. The problem is I can make plans only related to Prague and my future life there. It’s silly ‚cause I need to focus more on present time here. But how should I do it? All my mind is still in Prague. I am planning where I will live, where I will work, what I will do, how I will improve my life but everything in Prague. Sometimes I feel very sad and full of hope that I will return home soon. I think the clue to this issue is my surrounding, what surrounds me the most are social networks. There I can see mostly Czech events taking place in the CZ, Czech people talking about things that happened also in the CZ. The CZ surrounds me at all my steps. It’s hard to think and plan things here where I don’t know so much people and don’t know where to go.

However, there is very strong Czech and Slovak community in Dubai which arranges many meetings and social events like the one on Wednesday. It was my first meeting of countrymen ever. The meeting took place at the Emirates Golf Club.

The Emirates Golf Club in the night
The Emirates Golf Club, Marina view

There were about 30 Czech and Slovak people together plus main guests – Consul of the Slovak Embassy, representatives of the education, health and justice. There was very energy debate about children and driving license which is not so interesting for me but we talked also about visas and taxation. Sounds better, right? Finally it was very nice evening, thanks Czech and Slovak association in UAE, I had an opportunity to meet people who lives here with similar national background and problems. All participants of discussion were very nice people trying to help countrymen with their own experience. This meeting was arranged with support of Czech Business Council Dubai and the Northern Emirates which is a bloc of Czech companies operating in UAE – for example Carlsbad Mineral Water. Therefore Mattoni water was served at the meeting. It was nice beacuse you can’t buy Mattoni at supermarkets here.

I am looking forward so much to any other meetings and events  that will be arranged by Czech and Slovak association in UAE. The next event is scheduled in beginning of November – Czech & Slovak Folk Festival at Hilton Jumeirah Dubai.


But that’s all for now about Czech initiative abroad. Do you have similar associations in your second home country?


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