How to get from Colombo to Weligama

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When we go for a holiday I am sure we all want to have a holiday we will always remember. But no one can remember everything that experienced during his trip, every single day. You will always remember only the most strong experience while you were extremely happy. These minutes (maybe hours) will stay in your memory forever. I had one of these feelings on the train going through Sri Lanka. More specifically we went from Colombo to Weligama.


Sticky weather

Even though it was soo sticky hot (could be around 40°C), we spent more than 3 hours inside a train without AC, only with opened windows and doors.


Fort railway station

You can find Fort railway station just inside the city of Colombo. There are small windows where you can buy a ticket – choose 3rd/2nd/1st class. The difference is just small and not all of the trains has 1st class. We bought 2nd one and it was fine. You might try to go without  a ticket, also possible, there wasn’t any inspector at all during a whole journey.

We have plenty of time before our train was schedule, so we went to discover a market place just next to the train station. It was absolutely amazing! Small stores at the street loads of people everywhere and cars trying to pass through the crowded people. Worth to see that. After this excursion we went back to the train station and waited for our train. First train I saw must have been from 19st century heeheh, I was so worried and hoped it’s not ours. And it wasn’t that one, our train was a few decades younger. :) There were lots of backpackers, but the real one. It is still all new to me. I am just a beginner, as I keep saying – modern backpacker who likes comfort.

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People there usually cross the tracks and jump into the train, but the train even doesn’t stop at the station. When the train is crowded passengers hang out of the open doors/windows and the trains just pass the stop. I knew that only from a very old movies, because all of that is not allowed in the Czech Republic. I stared at them and couldn’t believe my eyes. Such an interesting beginning of our journey! :)



Beautiful nature all around

Our train to Weligama was perfectly on time. Unfortunately there weren’t any seats, we had to stand almost all way. But we could stand just under a fan (no AC) or in an opened door. As time passed, the train stopped at many and many stations. That was an extremely long distance, but thanks that we managed to see more from the Sri Lankan nature like banana trees, coconut palms, sea, houses, animals…



♥ Happiness ♥

We were exhausted after a night at the plane but at the same time we felt a huge happiness coming from the experience and the situation and the place we were at. I could’n believe, that it’s me at this place. I have never been at even similar place before. That was awesome!



Hungry on a board?

Various sellers are coming through the train and sell their goods – they have everything from shrimps, pineapple, water to games and maps. So don’t worry you won’t stay hungry during your journey.


Way home

We weren’t sure about the exact stop we had to get out, but a man sitting behind us helped us and we luckily managed to stop at the right station and headed the way to our hotel. We met a few kids saying hello and politely asking for money on our way. :)

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This journey as well as a whole trip is something I will always remember, it will remain in my memory forever.




Wish you all the best and lots of luck with your journey. ♣

Lots of Love, A.



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