I kissed a Dolphin and I liked it.

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Last Saturday I spent about a hour with dolphins in Dolphinarium in Creek Park. We were swimming together, kissing and hugging each other. It was so amazing! I could’t even imagine like their skin feels on touch earlier. We were a group of about 5 people and it was great fun!

After that we attend a dolphin show. The beginning was a bit disappointment ‚cause the show was opened by very bad illusionist. First 15 minutes were so embarrassing that we wanted to leave the show immediately. Fortunately Sea Lions show follows after the awkward part of the show. Dolphins‘ turn came in a half an hour and it was amazing! 4 Dolphins showed us their best.


It was the best Christmas present I ever got. I wished to see live dolphin for whole my life. And my dream came true <3

Here are some pics and videos from Dolphinarium:





With Love for Dolphins,


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