Listen up ladies it’s time for Ladies Night!!!

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Ladies nights in Dubai


I am sure all of you know how bars in Dubai are luxury. There are plenty of skyview bars, bars with swimming pool or beach bars. All of them are beautiful and worth your visit. All of them has their own style but one thing is common: don’t go there in jeans and t-shirt, dress up!  Dress or shirt would be fine.


Average price list in bars:

  • Beer 50 AED
  • Cocktail 60 AED
  • Meal 100 AED


All clubs in Dubai are pretty expensive but good news for girls… all of them have Ladies nights. What does it mean? free drinks for you. Almost every bar has 2 – 6 drinks/champagne for free. Drinks are really good and high quality, you can usually choose from the special menu. Sometimes you get also a snack.


Actually every day you can find a bar with a special offer and stay drunk whole week for free. :) The widest selection is on Tuesday and less ladies nights during the weekend, but still you can find a perfect place for a couple of drinks anytime.

Let’s check these websites for your Ladies night!,, and my map.



Here is a list of bars I’ve been to and bars I plan to visit. Prepare your own schedule for a whole week!!!


Rock Bottom Café with billiards in Tecom – Unlimited Bullfrog cocktails
XL Beach Club in Habtoor Hotel in Dubai Marina – 2 Cosmo cocktails


The Observatory in 52nd floor in Hotel Marriot, Dubai Marina – 3 Skinny Cocktails and complimentary canapés
Fairmont The Palm 3 complimentary Pomegranate Martinis and Chinese tapas


Might be also interested in  Birthday wake up at the airport
Barasti beach bar unlimited sparkling for 50 AED
Q43 is on 43th floor in Media One Hotel in Media City – 3 free drinks
Pure Sky Lounge in Hilton Hotel – unlimited pink beverages
360 Degrees in Jumeirah Beach Resort – 3 drinks (1 sparkling+2 cocktails)
Rock Bottom Café in Tecom – unlimited vodka drinks
XL bar in Habtoor Hotel – 4 cocktails, Bellini or grape


 Z:ONE and THE DEK on 8 and ON41 in Media One Hotel – 2 free drinks at each bar and unlimited Prossecco for 50 AED
N’Dulge in Atlantis Hotel – 3 complimentary drinks
McGettigan’s DWTC – 5 selected beverages


Clé near to DIFC – 2 glasses of Rose or Sparkling Rose


Amarillo in Pullman Hotel – 2 glasses of bubbly


Q43 at Media One Hotel – 3 free drinks


Map full of amazing bars here!!!


Choose your favorite bar and drink!

Let’s have a drink….

A. xxx



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8 thoughts on “Listen up ladies it’s time for Ladies Night!!!

  1. Thank you for using Ladies Night Dubai website! If you are still in Dubai, you may also consider fitting our latest addition, Spirito, into your schedule, as it offers unlimited drinks throughout the month of February pretty much every day of the week (Saturday to Wednesday). That means that there is now more choice on less busy days (like Saturday or Monday) for us, ladies to go out to :)
    And don’t miss China Grill, as it is currently considered one of the most popular ladies nights in Dubai (Tuesday, unlimited drinks, 50% discount on food).

    1. Thank you so much for your updates Victoria. :) I will definitely try both! Hope to see you in one of the ladies nights!

    1. Thanks Rima! I’ve never been there yet but will try :) Yesterday I was finally in China Grill, very crowded but after 2 glasses it was ok 😉

      1. 😀 I see! I absolutely love China Grill! was there last weekend , haven’t tried the ladies night yet though, i hear its nice :)

        1. You should try the ladies night there. :) I like that waiters are coming and fulfilling your glass all the time, but the quality of wine is not good, champagne is the best, I think. And of course yammy sushi, Love it! :) See you there!

          1. sounds good, i work in JLT so its very close to me, i will drop by one Tuesday! see you :)

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