Miracle Garden – Flowery Day

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Aaaw it’s soooo cold these days in Dubai. Still cloudy and less then 20 °C. Last weekend here was the worst weather ever. We used to go to beach every weekend, but now when I even stand into the water, my feet freeze to death. Do not come here for your vacation in the period of mid January – mid February!!!

Despite the bed weather conditions I enjoyed this weekend full of joy from sightseeing and exploring more my favorite city Dubai. On Saturday I was finally in Miracle Garden, which was on my bucket list for a long time. My Bucket List is still shorter and shorter.

Miracle Garden is gorgeous, large space which is literally flowered up. It’s full of small houses, hearts and other stuff made of colorful flowers. My eyes were pleased.

Miracle Garden is around 20 mins far from the center of Dubai and Butterfly Garden is just next to it. It is open from morning till the evening and the entrance fee is just 30 AED. The Garden is open only during winter months and is changed every year.



…calm and peaceful garden :)



Have a flowery day!


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