My Christmas in Prague

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Back in Prague

I just came back home to Dubai from my home in the Czech Republic where I was spending Christmas time with my family. I’d been excited for this trip a a long time before it, I was the most looking forward to meeting my family and friends and also Czech beer, mulled wine and a whole Christmas atmosphere in cold Prague. I was waiting snow, but as usual during Christmas time there wasn’t any.

so excited being home in Prague
Party with my best friends <3 Love you!!!

I met almost all of my best friends from Prague. Once we visited a square and drank mulled wine, then went to Christmas markets or was drinking and chatting in a bar. What is my favorite bar in Prague? It has changed from the time when I was 18 and my taste is still changing. Most of the time I go to Nebe at Namesti Republiky or Rodeo Oldies near to Karlovo namesti. The best Christmas markets in Prague are at Old Town Square. There is also a huge Christmas tree, which is for the first time lights up every hour during an old traditional song. It is so nice, tourists and also Czechs love it.

Christmas tree at Old Town Square
Mulled wine at Wenceslas square
live Bethlehem at Old Town Square, poor animals :(
Christmas markets at Namesti Miru
me getting warmer again 😛

Because I am a workaholic I took some shifts in my past job in Hooters Restaurant. I really missed this job, customers and my girls there. It was really nice to remind the past and chat with my friends. And After a hard work I got an award – a Thai massage and Gara Rufa biting fish. I love that fish, they are biting your feet and possibly also your hands, it is a kind of natural pedicure. I wish I had them at home. 😀

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workin even during my holiday
Lovely Gara Rufa fish
I also managed to visit my school and finally took my Bachelor’s Degree. Nice feeling have it in my hands…

Christmas Eve 24th December we always spend as a family together. My mum and my grandpa cook our Christmas dinner, which is Carp, breaded Carp, breaded chicken fillets, breaded pork fillets, white wine sausages, potato salad, mashed potatoes and fish soup. Our Christmas is so diverse because everyone wants to eat anything else, for example I do not eat carp therefore I eat only wine sausages and potato salad, my brother doesn’t eat fish and potato salad, so he eats breaded chicken and mashed potatoes, etc. Our traditional Christmas dinner used to be only a carp and potato salad, the other meals were added with any family member new taste. After a dinner there is a time for unwrapping presents juhuuu :) and watching fairytales. My parents surprised me a lot, I got very nice gifts. Thank you mum and dad :-**

My aunt’s new family member, his first Christmas with us. He is so large but only 6 month baby
My Christmas Dinner and also a breakfast on 25th :) Wine sausage with potato salad. Next time after a year :(
Typical Czech sauce – Svíčková :)

Unfortunately in a very short time after Christmas I had to leave my home and parents in Prague and aboard myself. I have some issues at the airport and my plane was one hour late but all was solved and I came back to Dubai in the evening. I flew with SmarWings and received a very good dinner with Christmas tissue, that was very nice surprise, I really appreciated this small reminder of a Christmas time that was just behind me. However when I went out from the airport it was slightly raining and a bit cold too, although I wore only a T-shirt.

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On a plane coming back to Dubai
Czech Christmas sweets made by my mum, yuamyy
When I came home in the evening I had to unpack my baggage…


After a long time traveling I finally reached my home. My bed was my best friend that time.

It was a very pleasant trip but saying goodbye all the time is so hard. I can’t wait till the next time I go to Prague – January?


With Love


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