My first interview in Dubai

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What kind of job should I do here? I’ve asked myself this question every day I’ve been here. The main goal for me is accountant of course, but I think I need anything else for beginning to easily join local life with all specific habits.

I took a strategy of applying to almost everything. I tried to be a waitress, shop manager, secretary, accountant, hostess,…

My first interview was in marketing agenture – Master Promotion. It was for position hostess/promoter at Gitex 2015. Gitex is a huge expo with new technologies. Therefore every technology company in Dubai will have their own large stand with many promoters and hostess trying to sell their products. It is 8 days in every October and 4 days in every April. It’s large event in Dubai World trade center (DWTC).

The interview was in a second day of my stay in Dubai. I was quite nervous but also satisfied with my own resolution. It was amazing but exhausting day, that I will always remember. I did it on my own, my first English interview abroad.

Finally it wasn’t so difficult as I thought it will be. It was mainly about waiting. I was waiting in the hall of Master Promotion offices, than in their boardroom. After almost 40 minutes it was my turn finally. I came to the ofice and had very short interview with Anshu, questions only like „Have you got experience?“, „How old are you?“, „where are you from?“, What’s your telephone number?“, nothing special. After that I breathed calmer cause I thought it’s all behind me, but it wasn’t. Me and two another girls were supposed to go immediately to client’s office. I even didn’t know who is that client and why we were going there. We waited another 20 minutes while Anshu was finding a car with a driver for us.

The client was Canon, company selling cameras mainly. After another 20 minutes in car we reached Canon company.  20 minutes of waiting in Canon boardroom followed. I thought we had been already chosen and they wanted to give us only a brief information about the Gitex and their idea of want we are supposed to do there. But there was another interview waiting for me, this time with 2 representatives from Canon. It looked more like real interview. It seemed to me like they wanted to discourage me, were talking about how hard this work is. I was sure, that they didn’t accept me, but a few days after, I found out, they chose me. Wow!

Thanks to this interview I met my first 2 friends here. One is originally from Uzbekizstan, she is very friendly and smart and her russian language helps us to find the office for second interview. That’s another story about how I was waiting 30 minutes in front of wrong building. 😀 Thank you Rukhsana again. :-) and the second lady was young girl, I think I can say from Dubai even if she was born in Egypt. I am very glad I could meet them and learn more about living in Dubai from them. I wish you all the best girls!

Then I was at another interview, but it was faster, because of my wrong visa. :-( never mind I am supposed to sign a contract for Gitex 2015 with Canon on Sunday!


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After a hard day I wanted to buy an ice cream, but the queue!!

Queuing in front of McDonald’s at Maniyas square , ice cream almost for free 1AED (6,60 Kč)
McDonald’s ice cream factory, one man can hold 10 corns of ice cream in his hands

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