Party at Barasti beach and Romance at The Walk

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It was Thutsday evening  I was coming home when I found a bunch of red roses in the kitchen. The kitchen counter was coverd by lovely red heart made of petals of roses. I was so surprised, I had no idea about it. I didn’t even know, if it is possible to buy flowers here. It was 45th „monthversary“ of our relationship on Thursday. We spent the evening by watching movie finally on a TV (we donť have TV in Prague) and drinking vodka coke. How romantic! :))

My red roses


The next day, we wanted to go to the beach, but to which one?

The last time we were at public beach we were at Open beach next to Burj Al Arab. This beach is nice but has one problem, there isn’t any social facilities, any shop, any restaurant and you can’t even borrow bed or umbrella. Well, if you don’t have your own, you are helpless during the day, there is no escape from sunshine, no shade, no palm.

Therefore we wanted to go to more equipped beach. We tried Barasti Beach and we don’t regret. Bus from the station close to our place goes directly to the beach, so we went by bus. It took a few minutes and I have it for free, because I didn’t have enough credit on my Nol card (it’s similar to our opencard). 😉 Barasti beach is small but unbelievably beautiful with all facility you can ever need. There are nice single beds, large beds for 2 or 4 people, umbrellas all for free, restaurants, bars with alcohol, one beer about 40 AED. The entrance is also for free and there are mostly European people.

DJ stage at Barasti Beach

The view!!!

The beach opens a unforgettable view of hotel Atlantis, which is situated at the top of palm island. I am pretty sure, everyone knows this pink pompous hotel. Atlantis is just in front of the beach and on the right side you can see Burj al Arab, the most luxury hotel, where a coffee with gold dust could be served to you. The artificial palm island begans on the right side of the beach and you can easily see palm leaves from the left side of the palm. The view from this beach is the best!

We came there at about 5pm and stayed during a sunset – till the beggining of the party. Both, the beach and interior places turned to music club after a sunset. When the sun was descending lifeguards forced all the people out of the sea and didn’t allow anyone to come in. Another lifeguards‘ task was to get everyone dressed. :-)

Hotel Atlantis at the Palm island seen from the beach

But the sunset means beginning of party.

DJ started his performance, people who wanted to have fun or dance, were coming during the time of sunset or even later. More and more people were coming in the evening for a party, whole Barasti beach turned to night club. It was awesome, heaven in Dubai desert. I mean desert like place without night life, fun and alcohol. 😉 There was a stage with large lights and screens just right at the beach. Also the interior was filling with people. It is October it means Oktoberfest, therefore there were stands with German sausages and beers. Some of the hotels or clubs celebrate this European events. It is very nice for us, Europeans, I think all of us here must appreciate it.


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Oktoberfest at Barasti Beach

We stayed at a bed longer and drank another beers. The beers were refreshing and tasted very good.

Me relaxing at the beach, you can see a Palm island with Atlantis behind me

The view from the beach looks different in the night.

Everything shines and you have completely different feelings of what you see. The Atlantis is shining on a sea where small well-lighted ships sail, dosen’t matter if it is luxury boat or original old wooden ship, it’s beautiful in both cases. If you look back you will find first buildings of Dubai Marina.

Stunning view of the Dubai Marina from the Barasti beach in the evening
DJ stage after a sunset, early beggining of the party at Barasti beach

Dubai Marina or Dubai Manhattan

When we relaxed enough, we decided to go for a walk at The Walk. The Walk is a promenade around the artificial creek with sea water. There is also a small port for boats. And around this creek the path goes. The Walk is lined by restaurants – Lebanese, Chinese, Arabic, Italian… whatever you want. There is also an excellent view of Dubai Marina where the most skyscrapers are situated at one place. People call it Dubai Manhattan. It’s really beautiful in the night and so romantic. Highly recommend!

Beggining of Dubai Marina skyscrapers
at the night
The Walk at the night

We had a lovely evening, I enjoyed it so much! I was there for the first time but I already know not the last one. We celebrated our small „monthversary“ with a style and hand in hand walked home. <3


How was your last anniversary with your love?

Enjoy the day, with love


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