Philippines Day 2 – Cebu City

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We spent second day of our adventure exploring Cebu City. When we woke up it was almost lunch time and we didn’t feel fresh neither. Such a bad start of that amazing day. Taoist Temple and Edge Coaster in Crown Regency Hotel was waiting for us today.


So after a nice breakfast in the hotel lobby we headed to Taoist temple, which is quite far and at the top of the hill. Very bad timing leaded us into the warm city, it was around 35°C – so sticky hot. First idea was to go by foot but it was impossible, so we took a jeepney and then bike, that drop us off in front of the gate of the area, where Taoist Temple is situated.  It’s called Beverly Hills and you can see large villas all around. The temple itself is beautiful. From the top of it you can find a marvellous view of whole Cebu City, which was breathtaking!! After that we took another bus to Ayala mall, where we bought some staff and had a small lunch.


Typical Philippine breakfast


On the way up


Jeepney in Cebu


Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills


We left the Edge Coaster  for the evening and reached Crown Regency Hotel before 6 pm, which wasn’t so far from our hotel. I guess, it’s the tallest building in the City from which very nice view of the city can be seen. They have a lot of attractions like Sky walk, Edge Coaster or dinner buffet etc. Our ticket also includes a dinner on 36th floor and costs 750php/person. Coaster is on 38th floor and it was amazing, it’s slow but the angle of the seats is almost 90° so that you feel upside down, but don’t worry the angle is changeable. The only cons is you sadly can’t take anything with you, not even a camera.  I think we should have come earlier to have a better view, but it was fine and we enjoyed that so much.

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Dinner buffet included variety of Philippine as well as International cuisine. We were very happy with perfect seats next to the window with a spectacular view. You can choose from soups, meats, rice, shrimps, fish, sweets, pancakes, fruit, vegetables and more. It was really delicious. The best for me shrimps in curry and rice!




On a way back to the hotel we unexpectedly stopped for a massage in a Casino Hotel. Body massage only for 200php/one hour, which is fair enough. Now it’s almost a midnight and I am so exhausted but very happy for everything I saw and experienced today, so after writing this for you I am ready to bed. Tomorrow we hopefully reach Bohol Island. :-)


Good night!

Lots of Love,


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