Philippines Day 3 – On the way to Bohol

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Wooow another exhausting but amazing day behind us!!! We are now in a small room of a large family villa in the middle of a forest in Bohol Island. We got there after hours on a bike, which one guy lent us on his garden. Our room is tiny with a small bathroom, it’s situated just by the family kitchen, where they were serving us a breakfast in the morning. They are very nice and talkative. It’s a bit like airbnb, but we booked that on Anyway I like how we book our beds just a few hours (minutes) before entering the hotel/house.


The view from our window in Carmen Villa, Bohol island


In the morning we were still in Cebu City chasing last ‚must sees‘ on the way to the port. We managed to choose a bus and get to the right place without any problems yet. We saw famous Magellan’s Cross and then Fort San Pedro. It was so hot that time and with our heavy bags it was a bit difficult and uncomfortable, therefore we booked tickets to Bohol and spent warm noon inside a covered boat.


Finally second day in Cebu we perfectly knew how to use this bus…



Magellan’s Cross – you can buy candles from women in yellow



Fort San Pedro – walking with 10+kg on a back while there is 35+°C


Bohol from the boat …. and finally at the port in Tagbilaran, Bohol Issland


First thing we had to do – find food!!! But that wasn’t a lucky choice. There are a lot of people hunting tourists and offering extremely expensive tricycles, tours, bikes etc. at the port. Better to avoid them and try to look around the corner. You don’t have to be worry, that you won’t find any other taxi by refusing the first one. You will and even 3 times cheaper. We were so hungry that we couldn’t think of anything else, therefore we went to almost first restaurant we saw and you can see how happy I was with the place and food.

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As I have already mentioned we found a scooter at the garden of one guy offering his service. He just made a copy of our passports and write down a ‚contract‘, we gave him money and took a bike! The journey in front of us was still very long and we wanted to get to the hotel during the day. I love the nature of Bohol, it’s amazing. We enjoyed the journey leading to the middle of the island. Our hotel is situated in Carmen, near to Chocolate Hills, where we want to go tomorrow, that’s why we chose Carmen Villa. The problem was we forgot to change money and it is hard to withdraw money in the middle of the island. Better to keep enough money in your pocket all the time, but there are plenty of ATMs in the towns. However nowadays you can change money almost anywhere, thanks god we have a scooter and we can find an exchange somewhere in the morning to be able to pay our stay in Villa.




I love it here! Tomorrow Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers and another bed to sleep in at a different place, we are still not sure where it will be… How cool is that?!

Lots of Love,


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