Philippines Day 5 – Nothing can stop us from our dreams!

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Our fifth day began quite nice still in amazing Bohol, but ended up completely wrong in Panglao island! And that has nothing to do with beautiful island called Panglao but with an accident that happened to us during the afternoon. What was it? Keep on reading…



Our day started after a long sleepless night in a cottage with no AC, but after all we were quite fresh and hungry for a new adventure. We took a breakfast in a hotel, packed our stuff after one night in a straw one room cottage and went by scooter to Trasier park to watch trasiers. They are very small mammals, they look like a tiny monkeys and their size is as a small male hand, probably an Asian male hand. They unfortunately sleeps during the day and are active and hunt during the night. We were there in the morning and just saw 5 of them sleeping or chilling on a tree. Visitors are supposed to remain silent and made a distance from them, because trasiers don’t like touching. It makes them suicide.


Barely visible Trasiers in a tree


After monkeys who are not monkeys we continued through Tagbilaran to Panglao island, which is connected to Bohol island by 2 bridges. There’s a beautiful view  of the sea and the island from the bridge, such a white sands and clear blue water. Since it was a lunch time, we headed into a small but very modern resort. Even though we were there alone and they had just a small choice of meals and drinks, we loved that place!!! Look at that view…

I had grilled squids and small octopus and my bf had a pancit, it was delicious, but why a soy sauce is in everything??


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Resort in Panglao, just forgot the name, but the view was amazing!!! didn’t even want to leave


The next stop was a Hinagdanan cave. To be honest, I expected more from this site. It was a small cave with stalagmites, stalactites and a clear water, where you can swim, too. Can you see the bats everywhere, flying above our heads? It’s calm and fresh down there but just too small, I have seen much better and bigger caves though.



Hinagdanan cave


Last point on our bucket list was a beach – the most famous beach here – Alona beach. But first of all we checked-in our next one night home Royal Paradise Hotel. the place was very nice, and staff was nice and polite, but it has one flaw, the road to the hotel is not well done (there are 3 main roads on the island, which are nice, concrete or asphalt roads and others are rocky with gravelled areas, but it’s quite usual there and you easily get used to it) but also it’s too far from the beach. Here I mean Alona beach, because there is one just 200 m from the hotel but not so nice, dirty and there’s nothing.  


Until now everything went well and we enjoyed every single minute on this green island, on this planet.


⇒ Then Crash, blood and plasters

We changed our clothes and grabbed stuff for the beach, then took our bike and drove to the beach. During that time we found out that we are quite far from that famous beach (as I already mentioned), therefore we were looking for another one, which would be nice and clean. We spent a lot of time driving up and down small hills on a rocky roads and also had to return home for a forgotten stuff. anyway we couldn’t find any good beach so we decided to drive further to Alona beach. Unfortunately we didn’t reach the beach but fell down of the scooter 200 m far from the hotel. Luckily it was in a small speed so we just fell down with a bike to one side and the injuries aren’t so serious, just crashed knee, hands and foot (and also broken pinkie, but we didn’t know at that time). I really hate blood especially my own blood, I can’t see it if something happens to me, so I fainted and lay down on a blanket in the middle of the road, legs up. I know, it must looked weird and like a very serious accident, but it wasn’t. It’s just my reaction to bleeding. :)) We met there very nice people, trying to help us, bringing ice and talking to us. When my conscious came back, we went back to the hotel and all our injuries got a plaster. Then we slept a bit.

 Where’s the key?!!

It’s still very painful but we are going for a dinner and still to the same beach!! We have to go there anyway, since, you know, it’s the best beach here! So we have to. Therefore after a short sleep we were heading to the scooter which I hate from the time of our accident, but wait! Where is a key? No way?!! Another God’s sign saying No! to us You are not going to the beach?!! 😀 We turned upside down whole room and searched every single bag, everywhere outside the hotel within a hotel garden and path to the parking place in a dark just with a forehead torch, but still nothing!!! It was so frustrating!! One saving idea came up to my mind, what if someone found the key and left that at the reception? Yes that’s the way. But this is just a small hotel with a very few rooms and the reception was already closed. Fortunately we met one member of the staff who finally knows about the key!! Wohooou :)

 Nothing can stop us from our dreams

Now nothing can stop us from the dreamy beach! And unbelievably few hours later and already in the night we reached Alona beach! Many things tried to stop us, but no matter what, we finally reached what we wanted. I can say, we maybe deserved a bit, what happened to us, because until the accident we weren’t scared of anything. And luckily it wasn’t too serious. But still nothing can stop us on a way to our dreams if we stick together. ♥


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This is just the beach near to the Royal Paradise hotel


…and this is already famous Alona beach and us having dinner


It was very enlightening day, which we ended up with 3 dish dinner in a beautiful restaurant at the beach and with a lot of cocktails helping us to forget what happened in the afternoon. Hopefully injuries will recover soon and we can enjoy that magical beach more tomorrow morning before heading to the port. We will leave this island tomorrow but where are we going? No one knows yet.


Have a lovely day!


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