Philippines Day 6 – Snorkeling with the starfish

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We woke up in Royal Paradise Hotel after a dreamy night and still with injured legs. :( The breakfast was delicious, we had to wait for it a little bit longer but my eggplant was amazing and all was outside in a lovely wooden pergola. I’d like to mention a coffee in the Philippines. We‘ ve been served with a bagged coffee Nescafe type with a bagged dried milk in all hotels we’ve been to. No coffee maker at all, everything has its own little bag. :)



We woke up a bit earlier and since we couldn’t had enjoyed the Alona beach the day before, we wanted to go to there at least for a few hours before check-out. And we did so. The beach is amazing, a bit small but covered with a pure white sand and has a rich underwater life. While snorkeling I saw a sea starfish for the first time in my life and it wasn’t only one, but lots of them, in so many colours. There was an old anchor dropped in the sand where one small black fish was hiding itself from my camera and swam through the anchor. The sea is shallow and covered by small stones by the coast. Better to take a swimming shoes. I prefer sandy sea bottom, but it wasn’t too bad, I hadn’t swim shoes though. We enjoyed the sea and the beach even with poor injuries and slight morning rain.


Even though it was a bit rainy, this is Alona beach during the day. Isn’t it worth to what everything happened to us yesterday? :)


These starfish are really worth it!!!


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At twelve o’clock our backpacks were already packed and we could go back and return that damn motorbike (which we rented for 2 days only but after seeing the nature of this amazing island we decided to extend to 3 days) and went to the port to find any boat to take us from the beautiful island and show us new places in the Philippines. To be honest we haven’t done any bookings like hotel or a boat to a specific place, nothing. The best would have been to go to Siquijor island, but as we found out in a few minutes later the only boat to that island from port of Tagbiliran went early in the morning – 10,30 am. Well then the only option for us was Cebu city again, place we have come from. :( So we went back to the beginning – Cebu city. And booked a hotel via just a few minutes before our arrival and that was the cleverest thing we could do. Hotel was clean and very modern only for 1200php/night.




Despite the fact we are back at the beginning of our journey, we finally have time to relax a bit and also to try a traditional food in Cebu – Lechon, which we haven’t managed to try earlier. It’s a roasted pig. We had a nice delicious dinner in Zibu-chon with delicious fruit smoothies. And for the first time NO RICE – such a win-win situation! :)



Famous Lechon from Cebu (something like roasted pig)



Sending lots of love.


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