Return from Sardinia

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I am standing at the airport in Alghero and thinking about last 10 days. We spent lovely 10 days of our summer holiday in Sardinia. But how did our journey began?

We chose this destination because of extreamly low price of fly tickets., whitch is very famous and useful Czech website for travelers, has already insected our minds in winter.  So we decided to buy them! Our summer holiday was planned before Christmas. We hadn’t thought about Sardinia earlier. But why not?

I searched the Internet trying to find where to go there, what is interesting in Sardinia and drew  my own easy map of the island and drew in the most famous beaches and places which we wanted to visit. I found many amazing beaches and activities to do in Sardinia. I have to admit that the map is quite unreadable for the others, but there are all our plans. We wanted to discover the whole island by car or bicycle.

My view of Sardinian beauty

First impulse was to spend there the longer time the better. At first we booked three hotels, each in the other side of the island, and planed many trips by car. But when we count the amount of needed costs we decided to spend there only regular 10 days holiday in only one hotel-finally turned into apartment with own kitchen.

Finally we apriciated not having hotel with all inclusive ´cause we love italian kitchen and supermarkets with italian food. Our big pleasure was doing shoping in supermarkets. We started the day with our own breakfast in terrace with view on a swimmingpool. Linch and dinner was optinal restaurant or our kitchen. I wouldn´t be able to accept cooking during the holiday unless it is Italy (Sardinia).

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Our breakfast at apartment terrace

The best experince was to rent our own ship and sailed the sea near Alghero. We could go anywhere we wanted and stoped near amazing caves or small adorable beaches and snorkeled. There were large shoal of fish of various colours. I will post the video of feeding fish later! We really had fun and enjoyed this adorable afternoon boat trip even though we didn´t see promised dolphins. :(

Lagoon called swimmingpool – there´s no waves ´cause of many isles making cicrule

Another boat trip, we attended, was whole day trip with Sardinian capitan and his american wife Judit. They were really nice and experienced in sailing and fishing, Judit explained us everything we were passing by boat during the day. So many monuments, parks, small empty natural beaches, uninhabited islands, poor nature. I love it there. We started from port in Palau – small town in the north part of Sardinia, then we sailed around Maddalena isles and turned to our first stop to swim in the sea and discover the surrounding. There were 2 or 3 more stops for swimming and snorkeling after that. I have beautful memories!

Snorkeling during the boat trip

To get to Palau we had to rent a car. Once we had a car, we could make a tour through sardinian towns as Sassarri or Tempio. Then we reach the next goal – the most beautiful beach in Sardinia – La Pelosa. This beach is in small town Stintino which is situated in the north-west part of the island. The beach was very crowded, we probably chose the worst days in summer, but the sea and the view? Wow, It was absolutly marvelous!!! The sea was shallow 400 m from the coast, water was as clear as we could see everything down to the bottom. It was possible to swim to another small isle that was so near from us. Colourful school of fish around our feet and another isle with ancient tower – all beauty of Sardinia at your fingertips.

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This was our comfortable car for 2 days

Finally I really enjoyed this holiday and don´t regret choosing Sardinia at all. But I would say, 10 days were too much for only a few trips that we did. Changing places on the islande would be better as we planed at first. But never mind, I will be glad to come back there one day. We haven´t tried cykling through Sardinia yet, that must be amazing, too. Maybe one day….

Isle with tower in the background at La Pelosa beach with clear and shallow water

Have a nice weekend!

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