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Today is my last leasure day for a while. We are moving to our new apartment tomorow , so I will have so much work with packing my stuff, moving and then unpacking my bags again. As I have written in previous article, We came from the Czech Republic with so much suitcases, the unpacking them won’t be fun. We are moving quite faraway from Deira. I will post photos and information about our new home later. But I am extremely looking forward to it!!

We spent this day at the beach near Deira islands – Mamzar Beach Park. The weather was hot, of course, and the water like a warm swiched off whirpool. But it was enough for us to relax. This beach park is super for picnics. There are trees around which creates shade and the staff of this park can lent you a grills, beds and umbrellas. Grilled meals smelled delicious there! I love picnics, chating with friends, lying on a ground – I have to try it once! Only one thing I can complain about were young male Pakistanis, who were everywhere. I was observing them for a while and found out their hobby. They were trying to shoot any girl passing around. I thonk it was their main fun there. They has extremely sofisticated strategy – one pakistani pretends shooting his friend, but in fact he is shooting girls around. 😀 But I am extreamly tolerant and don’t mind taking pictures of me, so It wasn’t so bad! I could handle it and had fun with that. 😀

Here are some pics. :)

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Al Mamzar Beach Park


Pakistani shoots his friend. Do you know why they are swimming in undershirt and underpants all the time?


top clear water with small fish


IMG_20150925_112834           IMG_20150925_112444 IMG_20150925_112439  IMG_20150925_112422

Family Barbecue


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