When it’s raining in Dubai

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What happens when it’s raining in Dubai?


English weather comes behind us today in Dubai. It’s really strong storm, which causes several problems especially to traffic, floods, famine…


I think I’ll be without lunch today, because when there is a rain even a slight one, delivery service network doesn’t work at all. No one wants to deliver you a thing. It’s the big difference Dubai – Prague. All food delivery campanies are happy and have the highest revenues, when it’s raining in Prague. But here in Dubai, you can order what you want but no one even wants to go out. The biggest problem is the traffic. Drivers here are not used to heavy rains and usually slow their speed to the speed of a snail. Also roads are not prepared for so much water and stay under a water for a long time. It’s literally apocalypse on a roads.

But it’s true I haven’t experienced such a heavy storm here yet. One of the decision maker’s point,m why we wanted to move to Dubai, was an always sunny weather, but it rains more often than I would expect this year.

Since our office is on 39st floor, we are inside of a cloud, so I can see only grey something and lightning through the windows around. Nothing else.



Morning Flood



There’s nothing I would rather do on this rainy day than reading my new book!!



One hour later and I am still sitting in the office and waiting for my lunch…. Hungryyyyy

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