White exots in Deira

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It`s September but still 42 °C during the day in the shadow but shadow`s nowhere. I really don’t know how inhabitans of UAE can walk fully dressed here. They usually wear jeans and t-shirt or shirt with long sleeves. I can’t even imagine, what they wear in the winter, when there is about 25 °C. They are use to walk outside minimally, they rather go by metro, car, taxi which is on every corner. It is very easy and cheap to take a taxi here. taxi fares are unbelievably cheap for people from west Europe. On the other hand we are still unemployed, so I rather go by metro or bus, but I have to admit that it is not always the best option. There are many places where is impossible to go by public transport. I would walk in Prague, but try it here! – you will turn into grilled chicken in a few minutes. I would say, that’s all about the weather here for now. I heart that the best weather of the year is coming in 14 days. Theweather forecast said the weather will be cooler, so we will see.

Me in front of Burj Khalifa – almost all
IMG_20150920_212908 (1)
Cought fish in Dubai Creek prepareted to market
IMG_20150920_212946 (1)
Our potencial new home
Best Shawarma in the city

We haven’t visited many places here yet, because we are still busy with looking for a job, but we have already met some interesting people. First of all I want to mention one shawarma restaurant cafe in Deira called Wejdan Cafe and Restaurant. Check the reviews https://www.zomato.com/cs/dubai/wejdan-cafe-restaurant-al-rigga. They also do home delivery as many other restaurant here. Ok, we’ve tried it. I am usually afraid of this kind of restaurant, they don’t usually look good, the interier is so so and the meal doesn’t taste well. These small restaurants are very typical for Dubai, they are cooking local food as Sawarma with rice or pita bread, hummus. Shawarma is almost the same like Kebab in Turkey or Gyros in Greece. But I fell in love with this one. The meals are delicious, no hummus at all! 😀 Waitres are very friendly and welcoming. You can have normal portion shawarma weidan for only 14 AED (93CZK) and this is obviously fair price in Dubai. Highly recommended! Today I am going to try sushi all you can eat! I can’t wait for it. As you already know for sure, I love food so much, have to try everything here. I will post photos after tonight.


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Hope you will enjoy tonight as well as me. :-*


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